The whole of Waltham Forest will become a giant art exhibition next month and it’s for a brilliant cause

Next month, street art event Paint Your London will showcase some of the borough’s top artistic talent while raising awareness of the lack of affordable studio space in the area.

Around 20 murals will be painted around the borough from 19 March, and residents will be invited to watch them come to life over the weekend. The event officially launches on 18 March.

The event, run by Wood Street Walls, was chosen to be part of the Mayor of London’s 11-day festival Find Your London, which celebrates what the city has to offer – from beekeeping to markets to yoga.

Credit: Penny Dampier

Wood Street Walls is a collective that aims to make art more accessible through public installations. Since the group’s inception in 2014, over 15 murals have been painted across Waltham Forest by artists from across the globe such as Phlegm and Conor Harrington, and notable residents such as Mark McClure, ATMA, Andrew McAttee and STATIC.

While the Mayor’s event will only last for 11 days, Paint Your London will stick around for a bit longer. The event will culminate in the unveiling of a huge full building installation with Irish street artist Maser – the location of which is yet to be revealed.

Waltham Forest is home to a growing creative community, yet there is a shortage of affordable workspaces available.

Wood Street Walls founder Mark Clack said it’s important that the murals showcase the talent within the borough.

“Waltham Forest has a long creative heritage with Alfred Hitchcock and William Morris having strong links to the borough.

“However, there is currently a lack of workspace for our creative community and we are using the installation of public art to highlight the number of artists living around us, but who are unable to work here due to the small number of studios available,” said Mark.

An interactive walking and cycling map will be made available for people to explore the art while signposting Waltham Forest’s cafés, parks, shops and bars.

Mark added: “We want to turn the area into a free outdoor art exhibition and encourage others to donate their wall space to artists to brighten up the area, and make them talking points.”

Wood Street Walls will be launching a Paint Your London website with information on the event. Find out more here.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Christina Humphries says:

    Excellent idea I am an ex Walthamstow Patriot just love it xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    I find murals of this nature can be a blot on the landscape and makes me quite upset. In a world that is full of ‘visual clutter’, there is a good argument for space just being space. It is not always necessary or indeed desirable to paint arbitrary images on every available surface. These images may be fun for a small demographic (teenage boys) but are certainly not for everyone and yet we are confronted with them on a daily basis. As an artist, I’m all for art, but for me this kind of material needs an open discussion/ conversation/ dialogue before inflicting them on the entire community.


    1. walthamcat says:

      The owners of the walls (who hopefully are not teenage boys) get to choose what art they’ll have on their own wall. Far from being arbitrary, it is painted on walls because of a distinct lack of studio space.


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