Weapons, strong language and penguins at the Rose and Crown theatre

Former RAF senior aircraft woman Rebecca Crookshank brings her award-nominated play Whiskey Tango Foxtrot for a five-night run at Ye Olde Rose and Crown theatre pub, Hoe Street.

The play draws upon Crookshank’s own experience in the RAF, charting her experience from basic training to arriving in the Falkland Islands, where she was the only woman among 28 men.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was written and performed by Crookshank. It uncovers the dark truths about sexual harassment and bullying in the armed forces.

The play highlights the challenges women face in being defined by their gender and celebrates the women who forged paths for others. Crookshank’s anecdotes about her time in the Air Force mix the serious and the comic to great effect interspersed with her own video footage to emphasise the reality at the heart of her story.

Crookshank grew up in rural Devon, the daughter of a midwife and a Royal Marine. Raised by a giver of life and a trained killer, embracing creativity was on nobody’s radar. When she left the RAF she knew it was time to pursue her dream.

She says: “Exploring our identity is a life-long challenge. Reinventing yourself and finding a voice in such a disciplined environment as the military is unique – it has inspired me to create some art which I think makes for an interesting story.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is at Ye Olde Rose and Crown, 55 Hoe St, London E17 4SA.


For tickets click here.



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