The modern-day 19th century apprentice: William Morris Gallery needs your help to make Art Happen

The William Morris Gallery is calling all art lovers to help fund a major exhibition involving 67 members of the public over 67 days.
Ceramicist Clare Twomey will lead the project by creating a vast tile panel embellished with one of Morris’s most intricate designs.

Over 67 days, 67members of the public will undertake the role of ‘apprentice’ –through the process of watching, mirroring and learning – similar to how Morris would have trained artists in the 19th century.

William Morris Gallery, Clare Twomey

The apprentices will work with traditional ceramic gold enamel, alongside Twomey’s master painter to transform the surfaces.

This will only be achievable if the gallery raises £10,000 through Art Fund’s Art Happens site.

The appeal launches Thursday March 17 at 12pm, and offers exclusive rewards to donors for as little as £5, including tote bags, postcard packs and exclusive artworks designed by Twomey.


The William Morris Gallery was awarded Art Fund’s Museum of the Year in 2013. Art Fund director Stephen Deuchar said: “I urge people to dig deep, get hold of a special rewards and help bring this wonderful project to fruition.”

Donations can be given until Thursday 21 April.


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