Play tennis for just 58p in Waltham Forest




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You can’t get much for 58p these days. You can get a couple of packets of those cheap hamburger or picked onion flavoured crisps that are made out of reconstituted potato. They’re pretty good, but you have to buy a couple of packets because they’re not very filling which makes it not so cheap after all.

But Waltham Forest council knows the value of 58p. It remembers the days when you could get a lot more bang for your buck. It remembers when housing wasn’t so expensive people were forced to live with other people who are often strangers. This is called flat sharing.

If you are flat sharing, and you’d like to play tennis, this can only be good news. Wimbledon is coming up and instead of getting tennis envy, get signed up to this very good scheme called Play Waltham Forest.


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The council has teamed up with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to design the scheme, which allows residents to play unlimited games across the borough in Lloyd and Aveling Park, Abbotts Park, Chingford Memorial Park and Ridgeway Park for £30 a year, which is just 58p a week. It’s virtually free.

Ridgeway Park Courts have recently undergone major improvement works. The park now boasts six new floodlit outdoor tennis courts and a multi-use games area and a brand new pavilion. Park-goers can also benefit from LTA-licensed coaching and an affordable tennis programme to suit all ages and abilities.

Australian tennis player Lewis Hoad
Australian tennis player Lewis Hoad

More good news: tennis isn’t just for flat sharers. Whole families can sign up to the programme for just £45 per year, which is very reasonable indeed. If you’re not flat sharing and you don’t have a family, you can still play for next to nothing. Anyone living in the borough is welcome.

It is free to play on the courts at Abbott Park, Chingford Memorial Park and Lloyd and Aveling Park and just £5 to play on the posh courts at Ridgeway Park.

And, the LTA has created a free app that offers rewards every time you take to the courts.

High quality coaching is available at all council venues. Residents can book up to seven days in advance, so there are good chances of availability. It’s a good thing.

Visit to sign up.

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