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Each month we’ll be reviewing a selection of takeaways from the borough. Nothing fancy, and in no way a comprehensive list.



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Ginger, Forest Road

Speed and quality of delivery: Half an hour (also half an hour earlier than expected). Extra points for the gentle knock – needs to teach the postman a thing or two.

What I ate: Normal Ginger special, daal masala, keema naan, vegetable rice.

Favourite part of the order: The daal masala packed a good amount of heat and was a dish in itself, and I was pleasantly surprised to find some brussel sprouts in my vegetable rice.

Least favourite part of the order: Keema naan was a little dry. Normal Ginger special was tasty, but awfully named.

Any freebies? Two poppadoms and four different dips.

What drink? Washed down with a tin of Fanta.

Delivery info: Minimum order £10, free delivery over £15.

Portion size: Stupendous. It lasted three days.  

Ginger, 444 Forest Rd, London E17 4PY 020 8521 4466


Chana Masala from Bengal Curry House
Chana Masala from Bengal Curry House

The Sultan, Wood Street

Speed and quality of delivery: I asked for a collection. It was on time, and the man behind the counter seemed like a nice enough bloke. Top marks.

What I ate: A mixed starter of lamb tikka, chicken tikka and seekh kebab; tarka daal, two chapatis and a brinjal bhaji.

Favourite part of the order: The leaflet said the food was ‘suitable for royalty’ so the expectation of getting something really special was a thrill.


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The cleanliness levels of the takeaway were excellent, and all food is prepared with olive oil.

Least favourite part of the order: The lamb tikka in the starter was gristly and partly inedible. The daal and the brinjal bhaji were too bland – I was a bit underwhelmed.

Any freebies? Two poppadoms and a green yoghurt dip (pudina chutney).

What drink? Raspberry Yop. 

Delivery info: Free local delivery on orders over £9.99.

Portion size: Ordinary.

The Sultan, 239 Wood Street, Walthamstow London E17 3NT 020 3417 7717


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Forest Tandoori, Wood Street, E17.  

Speed and quality of delivery: Wonderfully quick, and a very welcome 18 minutes earlier than requested. The delivery guy remembered to call (there’s no doorbell) and turned up at the right flat, unlike 90% of Yodel drivers. 

What I ate: I went for the coward’s option – veggie and pescatarian with minimal heat – and ordered a prawn puri, brinjal bhaji, vegetable rogan josh, a daal and a couple of naans.

Favourite part of the order: The binjal bhaji was probably my favourite, but I’d happily live off aubergines so this wasn’t a surprise. There was minimal grease, but I’d have preferred chunkier bits of aubergine.


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Least favourite thing: Everything else was a bit disappointing. Unless you really love onions: My order was 80% onions. So many onions. The tarka daal was extremely watery, boiling hot but went stone cold as soon as it hit a bowl, and my garlic naan didn’t taste even slightly garlicky. The prawns were small, and while I usually de-poop the chute with big ones, these little fellas were full of it. Tasted fine, I wasn’t sick the next day or anything, but it grossed me out a bit while I was eating.  

Any freebies? Two nice salty poppadoms, a little bag of salad (mostly onions), a strange folded pancake thing, and a yummy mango and mint yoghurt dip I’d happily have drunk a half pint of. Actually, that was probably my favourite part of the order even though I hadn’t ordered it.

What drink? About three pints of water. Nothing was spicy, it just all made me overwhelmingly thirsty for the rest of the night.  

Delivery info: Free for orders over £15 within five miles. 

Price: Quite expensive for bread and onions, but you get used to it as a veggie. There’s loads left. I grilled one of the naans the next morning and whacked an egg on top. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. 

Portion size: Pretty standard

Forest Tandoori, 102 Wood St, London E17 3HX  020 8520 6085

Forest Tandoori
Forest Tandoori

Bengal Curry House, St James Street

Speed and quality of delivery: Faster than expected for a Friday night. Delivery man turned up about 25 minutes after I’d ordered. Another gentle door-knocker.

What I ate: Prawn pathia (comes with pilau rice), chana masala and one poratha

Favourite part of the order: The food. All of it. The prawn pathia was pretty much perfect and a bit addictive. I ate more than I should have done. I wasn’t even hungry before I started having eaten so many Indian takeaways recently. Also reasonably priced: it was the least amount of money I’d spent on takeaways all month and by far the best meal.

Least favourite part of the order: If I had to pick a fault it would be that you can’t order online, you have to ring them and pay by cash or turn up and pay by card and collect. Not that big a deal.

Any freebies? One poppadom and a mango yoghurt dip.

What drink? Nothing. I was too busy stuffing my face to fill a glass.

Delivery info: 75p delivery, £10 minimum delivery. Can’t pay with a card over the phone or online.

Portion size: Large. 

Bengal Curry House, 24 St James St, London E17 7PF  020 8520 4434

Reviews by Sarah Cox and Rebecca Shahoud



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