Cockroach infested restaurant in Walthamstow forced to close


Warning: vile pictures.

Another filthy restaurant in Waltham Forest has been forced to close its doors after inspectors found it was covered in grease and infested with cockroaches.

Palii Maamala’s on Hoe Street, Walthamstow was visited by council inspectors last week, who found cockroaches living in boxes of paper hats which were worn by the chefs.


More roaches were found behind a freezer, which was pulled out to reveal a scurry of adult cockroaches and nymphs, which showed the infestation had been there for some time.

There was little ventilation in the property, which provided the perfect habitat for the little crawlers to breed. Cockroaches were also found on shelving containing dinner plates, equipment and unwrapped food.


The oven was covered in thick grease and the whole building was found to be in a disgusting condition, including an upstairs function room where cockroaches also thrived.



Council officers served the owner of the premises with an Emergency Hygiene Prohibition Notice which requires the restaurant to cease trading. They are not allowed to reopen unless food safety officers are satisfied that they have cleaned up their act.

In July, Leytonstone’s Euro Chicken and Pizza was fined £9,266 for its filthy, mouse-infested conditions and in February, Tasty Chicken ‘N’ Pizza in Hoe Street was found covered in human and animal faeces.


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