Controversial art show Modern Panic returns to east London

Pictured above: Pascale Pollier – The Seat of the Intuition

Some images NSFWCurated by Guerrilla Zoo’s James Elphick, the show, which runs from 6-14 October at Newspeak House, Shoreditch features 50 unique artists exploring the dark psyche of modern life.

Featured artists include Austin Osman Spare, an English occultist whose grotesque, sexualised work was widely attacked by critics. George Bernard Shaw suggested that “Spare’s medicine is too strong for the average man”.

This year’s show also features co-founder and member of dance music pioneers The KLF’s Jimmy Cauty; political agitators Maslen & Mehra; surrealist master Gianluca Pisano and hyper-realist metalsmith Mike Turner, alongside over 50 national and international artists.

Rachel Berry – Fuck


Panic Sermons on Sunday 9th & Wednesday 12th October showcases a collection of riotous acts by new and ground breaking live art practitioners. Over two events, there will be a diverse selection of performances involving movement, strength, surrealism, destruction, ritual and eroticism.


Featuring (in alphabetical order) 

Joan Alturo | Noel Basualdo | Marc Blackie
James Frederick Boman | Matthias Von Braun | Jimmy Cauty
Jade Chorkularb | Alex Colias | Jorge Crespo
Jase Daniels | Spike Dennis | Thomas Eikrem
Sarah Gaafar | Deborah Griffin | Faten Hakimi
Peter Hanmer | Geoffrey Harrison | James Hollenbaugh
Emma Hopkins | Maslen + Mehra (in collaboration with Shuby and Delete)
Rosie McLay | Dominic Negus | Amie Norton
Oneslutriot | Lindsay Pickett| Gianluca Pisano
Pascale Pollier | Yuri Shewedoff | Emily Simeoni
Austin Osman Spare | Joseph Steele | Biserka Stringer Horne
Mike Turner| Kieran Wakeman | Daniel Wechsler
LG White | Laura Woodley | Cong Yao | Zoita


Philip Bedwell | Esther Bunting | Georg Bütow
FoolishPeople | Dunja Kuhn | James Edward Marks
Jim Racine | Venus Raven | Robert Reynolds
Sakurako | Olivia Stagg | Syban
Apple Tart | Hannah Whittaker

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